Richard Monastra is a Licensed Architect, Registered in the State of Illinois.  He established the practice in 1984.  Custom single family additions and renovations in and around Chicago fill the bulk of his portfolio.  A variety of other buildings, including multifamily residences and industrial facilities fill the rest.


The SERVICES section of this website shows a variety of the designs executed.  The RESIDENTIAL and VARIED USE sections show photographs of some of the realized designs.


Prior to 1984 Richard Monastra worked for the following architects:  Wilbert Hasbrouck, The Chicago Architectural Assistance Center, Harry Paterson, Belli and Belli and Albert  Belrose.


His formal and semi-formal education includes:

B.S. Aerospace Engineering, University of Notre Dame.

Post Graduate Courses in English Literature, University of Chicago.

Oil Painting: 3 years of private lessons with Ilenna DeHildebrath, Atlantic City, NJ

See the photographs in the RESIDENTIAL and VARIED USE sections of this site.

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