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A variety of Design Services have been rendered on a variety of building types.  Below are examples of some of these services and types.

The above children's play house is the smallest building designed.  Other small projects have been common.  For example attic stairways and a number of dormers and back porchs.  

Single family renovations typify our services.​  This example featured a penthouse addition. 

Click the image to see more of this and another example.

Single family additions also typify our services.​  Click the image to see more of this example.

Renovation consistent with the historic design of the building is also a typical service.  This kitchen was designed to expand the interior woodwork detail present in the rest of the early 20th century home.  Click the image to see more of this example.

Building out raw basement space to capture for habitation is among the services rendered.  The example above shows the duplexing of 2 first floor dwelling units.  Click the image to see the example of a basement build-out that required the underpinning of the building.

This enclosed, heated passway connecting two senior citizen mid-rise buildings was designed to facilitate a safe and comfortable winter's walk to the dining room serving both buildings.

The most ethereal of the services rendered is the re-design of the interior of this church and the restoration of the exterior.  This included design of the pipe organ displey, the rose window and chandelier.  Sight line problems were corrected with the reconfiguration of the altar and gallery areas.  Click on the image to see some of these designs.

Garden Terrace Design is among the services rendered.  This terrace is situated adjacent to an alley on a new structure raised one step below the 1st floor of a private home.  The study was done to assure privacy.  Click on the image to see a plan of this garden and to see another spa and garden terrace situated on an existing roof-top.

The renovation of factory space to accommodate administrative offices is among the services rendered.  Click the image to see section drawings of the design.

Another small project, this concrete ramp was designed to facilitate vehicle storage in a building with a truck dock floor height.

East Elev WebSite.jpg

Two Dimension Fence and Gates Masquerading as Three

The custom window guards shown above are one of a number of different window guard designs.

Though a wide range of services may have been rendered, the practice is not without a niche.

See the photographs in the RESIDENTIAL and VARIED USE sections of this site.

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